If you are looking for a professional Bali wedding band, you get the answer her. We offer a number of advantages to ensure comforts of both parties and to build long-term partnerships with our clients. The following are some of them:

Experienced Musicians

Our musicians have been serving so many types of clients, from private birthday party, private wedding, formal wedding, corporate family gathering, or event corporate anniversary. As they can play in different genres of music, the clients are free to choose themes of the party based on their styles and preferences.

What you need to do is just choosing a style that you want. Then, let our musicians do the rest for you. They have been around for not merely one or two years, but 10 years! Whether you are setting up a plan for:

Romantic wedding party
Private wedding party
Garden-theme wedding party
Youthful and energetic party
Evergreen-themed party, and many more

The musicians will choose the right songs and melody to fit the desired atmosphere.


Professionalism is our commitment for all clients. Professionalism comes from the combination of timely services and satisfactory music making. Enjoy a lively and lovely music performance on your special day. The band comes with an experienced master of ceremony, who can cheer up the atmospheres with great songs, light jokes, or interactions.

The guests can request the songs and enjoy the performance together on the dance floor. The music rhythms and genres can change anytime, depending upon the requests. Whether you want a romantic reception with memory songs or an energetic performance with popular songs like Mandarin songs, the band does it well for you.

Competitive Prices

We certainly know that you will need more budgets after the wedding day and the reception. You will come into a new life with your spouse. You will plan your future ahead. Therefore, we offer very competitive prices for all of the music performance packages. Why should you pay more if you can pay the same for a better performance?


Are you setting up a plan for :

A wedding
Gathering or reunion
Corporate anniversary
Corporate entertainment
Corporate gathering
Family gathering
Private birthday party
Or any other special occasion parties in Bali?

Our event gathering band answers your need. Instead of spending much time and energy for addressing the music performance on your reception day, let us do it for you. Then, you can focus on preparing other aspects like wedding costumes and invitations. However, preparing your health and mental is much more important. So, do not think too much. Let everything done by the professional.

GP Band Bali
GP Band Bali
GP Band Bali


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