Why Hiring Bali Wedding Band Over DJs

A live wedding band has some advantages compared to DJs, particularly when it comes to the atmosphere created on the dance floor. Nothing beats a wedding band when it comes to excitement and sense of sophistication. The following are some advantages of hiring Bali Wedding Band for your reception:


Live wedding band can play the master of ceremonies. The bandleader can interact with the guests or invite them to participate in singing or to the dance floor. He/she can feel the atmosphere of the ceremonies and make it more cheerful. He can choose the right music based on the desired atmosphere. In other words, a live band is more personalized.

Live Music

The guests certainly prefer live music. They can also request favorite songs to cheer up and energize the atmosphere. A live band can enhance the excitement level at the dance floor, since the bandleader can accommodate any needs in a subtle way. Digital tracks will never replace the excitement brought about by the professional singers and musicians, along with the wedding guests on the dance floor. The beat of the drum provides a different atmosphere to your wedding reception.

Great for Themed Music

You can never anticipate what happens on the dance floor. The guests may request music from different genres. A wedding band can play varied genres, from traditional music to jazz, Latin salsa, Motown, and funk, depending upon the request.

Visually More Interesting

The bandleader, the musicians, and the singers may have different characters that make the music sow more appealing. The guests can watch the music show while enjoying delicious foods. Sometimes, the bandleader as an MC can intentionally attract the guests' attentions by telling something fun between the songs.

How to Choose the Right Bali Wedding Band

The most prominent problem with a live band for wedding is its expensive price. However, price should not matter if your priorities are excitement and impression. However, choosing the right band can be a challenge. The success of a live band to entertain your guests depends upon many things, for instance:

  • Quality of the bandleader, the musicians, and the singers. A non-professional wedding band may not be able to create a perfect combination between the music and the song. As result, the song may sound awkward.
  • Space availability; a wedding band uses some instruments and equipment. Therefore, make sure that you have enough space for instruments, the dance floor, and the musicians. Do not insist in hiring for a band if the reception is held in a small closed room. The sound may be too overwhelming.

Therefore, make sure to choose a professional and experience Bali Wedding Band. Why? A band that frequently plays for outdoor concerts or clubs may not be a choice. Wedding has a special atmosphere and feel. Therefore, only a specialized wedding band can do the job perfectly. Make sure to choose Bali Wedding Band with the following qualities:

  • Mastering more than one style of music. At first, make sure that the band can play in the musical genre that suits your personality. However, do not stick on a single style of music. Your guests may request romantic songs, '70 disco songs, 1930's jazz, a rock song, or many others. Make sure the band can play in these genres too.
  • Experience. Experience in live concerts or clubs is not enough to perform good in a wedding. Ask for the list of wedding receptions where the band had performed before. A band specializing in wedding receptions are, of course, familiar with a number of wedding songs. Make sure to confirm it before signing. Before signing the contract, you see the band play live. Therefore, you are convinced that the band can perform proficiently.

The wedding reception is expected to be once for a lifetime. Therefore, make sure it is impressive for you and the guests. A professional Bali Wedding Band is one that can meet your needs.

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